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Sunday, 23 October 2011

John William Plaisted 1945 - 1983

John William Plaisted was the only son of Raymond and Mary Plaisted nee Ridley.  Though I still need to get his birth certificate to confirm his date and month of birth, we know from his fathers army files that he was born in 1945.

With in a few years Raymond and Mary divorced, and both remarried.  Raymond married Olive Marie Murray and they had a son born in 1950 in Christchurch, he was called Paul Ivan Plaisted.  As said in the last blog, Raymond died in 1952 at Linton Army Camp.  I know that Olive remarried, though I have no idea who to or when.  Mary married Jack Callander, and they lived in New Plymouth, they had more children, though once again I have yet to research this area.

At the age of 17 years (stated on his marriage certificate) John William Plaisted married Betty Caroline G*****.  This was on 17th July 1962, at the Registers Office, New Plymouth.  They had 4 children, who were:-

Raymond John b. 1962, Palmerston North and he died in 1990 leaving a young family.
Anthony Bruce b. 1964, Palmerston North
Karen Lee b. 1966, Palmerston North and she died in 1967 aged 11months
Paul Lee b. 1968, Palmerston North

John and Betty divorced in 1972.  John we think did remarry, though as yet I have not been able to find a marriage certificate.  His new wife was Melvina Patrice.  They had two children :-

Shannon Kelly b. 1976, New Zealand
Kaarl Ivan b. 1978, New Zealand

Again I dont know what happened to this family when John William died in 1983.  I do know that John died in Wanganui, whilst the family were I think on holiday or at least travelling.  The eldest son of Johns first marriage attended the funeral.  John was cremated and the ashes were kept by the funeral director for 7 years, at this time the ashes were scattered at sea from an aeroplane.

Though I would love to find Shannon and Kaarl, I am not sure it is going to happen, they seem to be very elusive.  However on the good side, I was contacted a few years back by Johns brother Paul Ivan eldest and only daughter.  Now that was a wonderful reunion, though it took a few years to accomplish.

My children line is through Paul Lee and myself.

My next blog I will go back to Arthur Plaisted b. 1833 and do short blogs (well except for one of the children) about who they were and where they maybe now.  These lines are still not fully up to date, and a lot of research is still needed.

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