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Monday, 17 October 2011

Ernest Phillip William Plaisted 1868 - 1959

Ernest is the first in the Plaisted line to be born in New Zealand.  He was born in 1868 in Hokitika which is located on the South Island, living at Stafford Street, with his parents and older brother.  When is was two years old a baby sister was added to the family.  I wish I had photos of these children.  By the time Ernest was 4 years old the family had moved up to Newton, Auckland where he went through school.

Ernest married Emma Jane Harris on 6th May 1896, she was the daughter of Richard and Eliza Harris.  Ernest and Emma had four sons they were:-

Ernest Arthur b.15 April 1897, Whangarei and he was Killed in Action at the age of 20yrs in France on 12 July 1917, below is a photo of Ernest Arthur in uniform.

I would like to thank my husbands cousin for this photo

The other brothers were:-

Richard William b. 21 March 1899, Whangarei
David b. 17 April 1901, Whangarei and he died 22 April 1901
George Doel Kither b. 1904, Whangarei

Sadly their mother Emma Jane died on 14th August 1906 in Whangarei.  She is buried at Kioreroa Cemetery, Otaika.  Too this day i wonder if she died during childbirth.

It is in 1911 that Ernest first appears in the Electoral Roll, he put himself down as a   Settler, though i wonder why since he was actually born in New Zealand.  He was also still a widower bringing up three sons, thank goodness he had family around him.  On 18th April 1912 Ernest remarried.  He married Ada Anne Jacks.  From research I have found that this was also Ada's second marriage, due to the fact that her maiden name was Lancaster.  Ada was born in 1876 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.  They did not have any children.

We now get to World War One, a war that everyone thought would be over by Christmas time.  Men of all ages joined the military in droves many say for the excitement.  Well as we all know the War was not over by christmas.  The war started in 1914 and ended in 1918 taking many young men to their deaths, and leaving many more shell shocked, some never to recover.  Families mourned their losses and hoped for a brighter future.

Ernest's eldest son Ernest Arthur joined the 19th Reinforcements as a Private in 19, he was as eager as any other young man to help save and serve his country.  Before his enlistment to the Army he was a fully qualified Carpenter, taught his trade by Mr H G Foster, builder and sawmiller of Whangarei.  I am very sad for the family at their loss, his is described as a good young man.  His younger brother was so proud that he also tried to join the Army even though he was underage.  That story will be in the next blog, Richard is my childrens' great great grandfather.

The next bit of information covers where Ernest and family were in at the times the Electoral Roll was taken.

1914   Ernest, Kauika Road, Whangarei - Settler
1919  Ernest, Kaiweka Road, Whangarei - Settler his wife for some reason has a seperate address and is still at Kauika Road
1957  Ernest & Ada are living at Mcleod's Bay - Retired.

I do wonder why Ernest was not on the Electoral Roll inbetween 1920 -1956, so I am going to try and search out the data.

Ernest died 30th october 1959, Whangarei and he is buried at Maunu Cemetery, his wife Ada died 10 months later on 30 August 1960, Whangarei.

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