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Sunday, 23 October 2011

John William Plaisted 1945 - 1983

John William Plaisted was the only son of Raymond and Mary Plaisted nee Ridley.  Though I still need to get his birth certificate to confirm his date and month of birth, we know from his fathers army files that he was born in 1945.

With in a few years Raymond and Mary divorced, and both remarried.  Raymond married Olive Marie Murray and they had a son born in 1950 in Christchurch, he was called Paul Ivan Plaisted.  As said in the last blog, Raymond died in 1952 at Linton Army Camp.  I know that Olive remarried, though I have no idea who to or when.  Mary married Jack Callander, and they lived in New Plymouth, they had more children, though once again I have yet to research this area.

At the age of 17 years (stated on his marriage certificate) John William Plaisted married Betty Caroline G*****.  This was on 17th July 1962, at the Registers Office, New Plymouth.  They had 4 children, who were:-

Raymond John b. 1962, Palmerston North and he died in 1990 leaving a young family.
Anthony Bruce b. 1964, Palmerston North
Karen Lee b. 1966, Palmerston North and she died in 1967 aged 11months
Paul Lee b. 1968, Palmerston North

John and Betty divorced in 1972.  John we think did remarry, though as yet I have not been able to find a marriage certificate.  His new wife was Melvina Patrice.  They had two children :-

Shannon Kelly b. 1976, New Zealand
Kaarl Ivan b. 1978, New Zealand

Again I dont know what happened to this family when John William died in 1983.  I do know that John died in Wanganui, whilst the family were I think on holiday or at least travelling.  The eldest son of Johns first marriage attended the funeral.  John was cremated and the ashes were kept by the funeral director for 7 years, at this time the ashes were scattered at sea from an aeroplane.

Though I would love to find Shannon and Kaarl, I am not sure it is going to happen, they seem to be very elusive.  However on the good side, I was contacted a few years back by Johns brother Paul Ivan eldest and only daughter.  Now that was a wonderful reunion, though it took a few years to accomplish.

My children line is through Paul Lee and myself.

My next blog I will go back to Arthur Plaisted b. 1833 and do short blogs (well except for one of the children) about who they were and where they maybe now.  These lines are still not fully up to date, and a lot of research is still needed.

Thanks for reading my blog, please leave a comment.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Raymond Edgar Claude Plaisted 1921 - 1952

Raymond Edgar Claude Plaisted was born on 22 September 1921 and as far as the records go he is considered illigitimate, with his father not believing his wife that the child was indeed his.  Ever since then it has never really been proven, however if you look at the family photos, Raymond was definitely a Plaisted.

Due to his father leaving him with his mother, he was not raised with his own siblings, he was raised with his half siblings, all of which were illigimate.  Raymond was known as William Robinson when he was growing up, there is a record for him at Eltham School in Eltham, Taranaki that shows this.  There are two other references that I know of with Raymond been called William (Bill) one is on the back of his wedding photo and the other in on his mothers death notice, though he had pre deceased her by quite a few year.

My first big break with Raymond was getting a copy of his Army record.  It seems that he had joined twice, he put this next of kin as Mrs Anderson, who happened to be his mothers sister.  When I had started I had three siblings, Raymond & Jack Plaisted and Roy Robinson.  To say it was a shock to find 9 more children is well..........funny......infact when i told my husband we had a good giggle about it, still not realising all the funny goings on (that was explained in the last blog) 

I don't know what sort of childhood Raymond had, he did end up in Social Welfare Care for a while with some of his Robinson half brothers, this was probably going on when the police caught on that their mother was in a bigamist marriage.

Raymond joined the Army whilst he was still single.  He married Mary Josephine Ridley on 23 January 1943 in New Plymouth, New Zealand.  As family stories go Mary Josephine  Ridley also know as Smith was illigimate, she was the daughter of Violet Eliza Ridley and the story goes that she jumped the fence and got pregnant to the neighbour who was Maori.  Nothing has ever been proved, the story or the Maori bloodline.

Raymond and Mary had one son called John William Plaisted.  According to his fathers army record he was born in July 1945, however my mother in law says different, I have still yet to buy a birth certificate to confirm his date and month of birth, we do know that the year is correct.

Raymond and Mary divorced, both remarrying, the only child ended up with two lots of half siblings.  Raymond married Olive Marie Murray and they had one son Paul Ivan Plaisted on 15th May 1950 in Christchurch.  I presume form this that Raymond who was in the army yet again was training or re training at Burnham Camp.  Raymond was posted back to Linton Army Camp.  Whilst on duty on the 8th January 1952. Raymond died from a Coronary Thrombosis.  He had a Military Funeral at his wifes request, from memory he was cremated.

Was this the start of heart problems in the family?  I'm not sure, though is father died young too, it was meant to be because of a car accident, once again I really need to get a few death certificates to prove what happened.

Mary Josephine Ridley married Jack Callander, I have not yet managed to track down the children of this family.  Olive Marie Murray also remarried and had another son.  It was noted that at her request in her Will Olive was buried as Olive Marie Plaisted.

Well if I think of anything else I will blog again or edit what I have already written.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Richard William Plaisted 1899 - 1939

Well what can I say about Richard.  He certainly had an interesting life and he certainly had an interesting wife, to say the least.

Richard was born on 21st March 1899, to Ernest and Emma in Whangarei, New Zealand.  He was the 2nd son of the family.  I presume that he had a good childhood, though his mother died in 1906.  the boys would of been alone with their father, though I am sure their dad and grandparents were great.

Somewhere near the time of Richards 16th year he meet Gladys Eileen Gillbanks, she was two years his senior and already had a daughter Mavis Christina Clare Gillbanks born in 1914 in New Plymouth.  I have no knowledge on how they met however I do know that they married just before Richard turned 18; they married  on 17th Janurary 1917 at the Dargaville Registery Office in Northland, New Zealand.  On the 7th August 1917 they had their first child and only daughter Gladys Elizabeth Catherine Plaisted, all their children were born in New Plymouth, Taranaki, as was Richard's wife Gladys.  The next child was Ernest Richard b. 27 Feb 1920.  I are not sure what went wrong after this, however something did.  it is presumed that Gladys was having an affair, i do know she got pregnant again and had a son Raymond Edgar Claude Plaisted b.22 September 1921, however his father would not acknowledge him as his son, so on his birth certificate is says that Raymond is illigitamate.

Going back to the War years, I recently found Richards War record, it seems that he tired to get into the Army and the documents show al sorts of changes in dates, Richard was at this time underage, so though he did get into the Army for a short while he was dismissed due to the fact that the Army found him out.  i would like to think that he tied to join the Army beacuse his older brother Ernest was killed in action in France.

Whatever Gladys was doing, upset Richard so much that he took his two children Gladys and Ernest and went back to Whangarei and his parents.  he left Raymond with his wife Gladys.  There was no divorce.  Gladys got on with her life, she either met another man after Richard had left or this was the man that Richard though or knew she was having an affiar with, I still havent managed to work that out.

In the next eight years Richard was with his parents and children in Whanagrei, working, i still have to connect with this part of the family, though a cousin Greg has help to fill a few blanks.  Whilst Richard was working and looking after his two children, Gladys his wife was living with a man named Willliam Robinson.  They had six children as far as i can tell all legally illigitimate, however the last was born in a bigamist marriage.  Gladys Eileen Plaisted married William Robinson in 1928.  Many of the children including Raymond; also known as William Robinson (Bill in later life)were placed into care, this makes her look like a bad mother, however once again I dont yet know.  Gladys had a run in with the police due to her bigamist marriage and in Archive New Zealand i have found a Divorce for her and William Robinson in 1934.  This is strange and causes more confusion.  Gladys and Richard got back together in the 1930ish and had another son Jack Darcy Plaisted on 3 August 1931.

My question is, did he ever accept Raymond as his son or not.  From photos of him and his son there is a 95% chance that he was a Plaisted, they both look very life Richards older brother Ernest.

In family stories ti says that Richard was killed in a car accident in 1939 with his son in law Richard Smith.  However I have found a discrepancy.  If Richard Plaisted was involved in a car accident, then he died months later, I have found there is a few months difference in the deaths.  I wonder if he may of been badly injured and died later.

This death notice from his wife Gladys I thought was funny to say the least, they did get back together, however putting in "Beloved husband of Gladys Plaisted" was werid considering they had been appart for 8 years and she had 6 children to a different man.

Next Blog is about Raymond, my childrens Great Grandfather.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Ernest Phillip William Plaisted 1868 - 1959

Ernest is the first in the Plaisted line to be born in New Zealand.  He was born in 1868 in Hokitika which is located on the South Island, living at Stafford Street, with his parents and older brother.  When is was two years old a baby sister was added to the family.  I wish I had photos of these children.  By the time Ernest was 4 years old the family had moved up to Newton, Auckland where he went through school.

Ernest married Emma Jane Harris on 6th May 1896, she was the daughter of Richard and Eliza Harris.  Ernest and Emma had four sons they were:-

Ernest Arthur b.15 April 1897, Whangarei and he was Killed in Action at the age of 20yrs in France on 12 July 1917, below is a photo of Ernest Arthur in uniform.

I would like to thank my husbands cousin for this photo

The other brothers were:-

Richard William b. 21 March 1899, Whangarei
David b. 17 April 1901, Whangarei and he died 22 April 1901
George Doel Kither b. 1904, Whangarei

Sadly their mother Emma Jane died on 14th August 1906 in Whangarei.  She is buried at Kioreroa Cemetery, Otaika.  Too this day i wonder if she died during childbirth.

It is in 1911 that Ernest first appears in the Electoral Roll, he put himself down as a   Settler, though i wonder why since he was actually born in New Zealand.  He was also still a widower bringing up three sons, thank goodness he had family around him.  On 18th April 1912 Ernest remarried.  He married Ada Anne Jacks.  From research I have found that this was also Ada's second marriage, due to the fact that her maiden name was Lancaster.  Ada was born in 1876 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.  They did not have any children.

We now get to World War One, a war that everyone thought would be over by Christmas time.  Men of all ages joined the military in droves many say for the excitement.  Well as we all know the War was not over by christmas.  The war started in 1914 and ended in 1918 taking many young men to their deaths, and leaving many more shell shocked, some never to recover.  Families mourned their losses and hoped for a brighter future.

Ernest's eldest son Ernest Arthur joined the 19th Reinforcements as a Private in 19, he was as eager as any other young man to help save and serve his country.  Before his enlistment to the Army he was a fully qualified Carpenter, taught his trade by Mr H G Foster, builder and sawmiller of Whangarei.  I am very sad for the family at their loss, his is described as a good young man.  His younger brother was so proud that he also tried to join the Army even though he was underage.  That story will be in the next blog, Richard is my childrens' great great grandfather.

The next bit of information covers where Ernest and family were in at the times the Electoral Roll was taken.

1914   Ernest, Kauika Road, Whangarei - Settler
1919  Ernest, Kaiweka Road, Whangarei - Settler his wife for some reason has a seperate address and is still at Kauika Road
1957  Ernest & Ada are living at Mcleod's Bay - Retired.

I do wonder why Ernest was not on the Electoral Roll inbetween 1920 -1956, so I am going to try and search out the data.

Ernest died 30th october 1959, Whangarei and he is buried at Maunu Cemetery, his wife Ada died 10 months later on 30 August 1960, Whangarei.

Arthur Plaisted 1833 - 1894

Shown above is a picture of Arthur Plaisted in later life with his wife Mary Ann Kither

Arthur is a bit of a mystery, at this stage I am unaware of what he did for work whilst in Australia.  I do know that he married Mary Anne Kither, daughter of John and Harriet Kither.  They married on 3rd March 1864 in Chain of Ponds, Talunga, South Australia.  I know that they lived in Victoria after their marriage due to the fact this is where their first two sons were born.   Arthur John was born in 1865, Inglewood and died the same year.  Walter Benjamin was born in 1866 in Carlton, Victoria.  

So far I have been unable to confirm the families passage to New Zealand, however I believe that they may of arrived  early 1868 with is brother John and family.  Both families are to be found in Hokitika, Westland, New Zealand in the 1870 Electoral Roll  Once again I know that Arthur was here due to the birth of their third son Ernest Phillip William who was born 7th May 1868 in Hokitika.  John , Arthur's older brother seem to travel a lot more, with the birth of his children showing different countries.  That however is another story.  I hope to find their passenger listing to confirm when both brothers actually arrived. 

After having an daughter Marion Harriet in 1870, Hokitika, the family went to live in Newton Auckland where another six children were born.  There were:-

Frederick Thomas b. 1872
William George b. October 1875
Edwin Kither b. October 1878
Lydia Mercy b. April 1880 and died 1881
Herbert Chisholm b. 1881
Arthur Burton b. 1885 and died April 1886

By 1890, Arthur and his growning family are shown to be in Great North Road, Newton, Auckland, Arthur's occupation is listed as a Draper.  Within a year of the Electoral Roll been taken the Plaisted family had moved to Kerikeri, Northland, where their youngest daughter Nellie Anna was born on 31 March 1891.

Below is a photo of all survivng children on Nellie's Wedding Day, taken on 18th April 1911 in Whangarei.

Arthur Plaisted died on 30th August 1894 in Hukerenui South, Northland.  His wife Mary Ann  lived another 13 years and died in 1907 in Whangarei.  I hope at some stage to add more photos about Arthur and his family life from various cousins.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

John Plaisted 1800 - 1858

John Plaisted was born in 1800 in Southwark, London.  he was the son of Thomas and Lydia Plaisted.

John was the son of a Publican, who ran the Coopers Arms at 120 high Street, Woolwich, London.  Like his siblings he grew up around the pub trade and by 1832 when his father died, he was left as a partner in the pub with is younger brother Thomas Wilkes Plaisted.  Their father died i think on 19th June 1832, leaving a Will to share out his monies and properties.

John married Anne Green on 13 August 1825 at St Mary's, London.  By the time of his fathers death, John and Ann had 3 children:-
Sally b. 20th June 1826, Newington, Surrey.
John F b. 3 September 1828, Newington, Surrey.
Thomas b. 1831, Dulwich, Surrey.

They had a further 5 children they were:-

Arthur b. July 1833, Newington, Surrey (My childrens line)
Walter Wilkes b. August 1836, Newington, Surrey
Hannah b. 1839, Camberwell, London, Surrey
Amos b. June 1841, Camberwell, London, Surrey.  He died Dec 1842, Bermondsey, London
Phillip Charles b.1st October 1844, Dulwich, London, Surrey (What a story this guy has)

As I said John and Thoams Wilkes had the partnership of the Coopers Arms, which was dissolved by mutal agreement in 1836.  By 1837, John was in charge of the King's Arms & Head, in Bermondsey.  He had also entered a new partnership with a John Vickers, this partnership was called Vickers & Plaisted Co, Wine Merchants, they were partners from 1836 until it was dissolved in 1848.  I presume this partnership was dissolved owing to John Plaisted's ill health.  He was advised by his doctor to find a warmer climate and he may live a bit longer. 

In Arthur H Plaisted's book it says that John retired to the country to Ford House in Newton Abbott, South Devon.  I have not been able to confirm this at all, their is no evidence as yet to be found.  The present owners or caretakers of this house say that there is no record of a Plaisted family ever been there.

On the 27th November 1849, John, Ann, her sister, two nieces of most of Johns children left Englands shores on the Rajah.  They landed in Adelaide on 11th April 1850 at Adelaide.  I know that Johns eldest daughter Sally married Samuel Hughes shortly after arriving in Adelaide.  Another line that I will follow later.

John stayed in South Australia for quite a while buying land in Willunga, which is quite surprisng considering his lack of knowledge in this area.  More research needs to be done for this part of his story, to see how he coped.  We no that he was not well off because John and his family ended up in Melbourne, Victoria, probably due to the Gold Rush.  Melbourne ended up as his adopted city and it was here he died in 1858 due to his Tuberculosis re surfacing.  His financials didnt improve in Melbourne either, however he did leave a Will that was probated in England by his brother Thomas Wilkes Plaisted.

Below is the marriage image for John Plaisted and Ann Green in 1825.
This image was found on

I have other images from Newspapers, Baptisms etc related to John  his family and partnerships, I also have his Will.  These I will keep for when I complie a book about this line  If you are a Plaisted Researcher and descendant of this line then please contact me.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thomas Plaisted, London

Thomas Plaisted is the starting point of my research at this time, I have never managed to get past him, to prove his birth or his parents.   I do have his Will, which was probated in 1832, though as yet no burial place.

This is who I think he is at this stage.

Thomas John Plasted b. 14th Oct 1777 at St leonards,  Shoreditch, London, the son of John & Ann Plasted, I am as yet unsure if the spelling of the surname is a transcript error or not.

Next we have Thomas Plaisted who married Lydia Wilkes on 10th June, 1797 at St Brides Fleetstreet, London.  I know this is the correct line from working backward from what has already been researched.  Thomas owned a Pub called "The Coppers Arms" and also known as "Plaisted Wine House".  This pub is still standing at 120 High Street, Woolwich, Deptford, London, today it still has the coat of arms and names on the wall.  The Pub was started in 1790, and at present I am trying to find out by whom, if it was Thomas or his father, if it was his father then this may help confirm who his parents are.   

In Arthurs book, he has Thomas Plaisted born in Newnham, Gloucestershire, and married twice, his first wife been Mary Young.  I proved this to be incorrect by finding both marriagaes.  The Thomas Plaisted who married mary Young did so in 1798.  As far as i am aware you can't marry your first wife after your 2nd.  I am not sure what happend to this couple, though hope to find out one day

Thomas & Lydia had 10 children, 4 of those dying in infancy and 1 dying as a young child.   Their first surving child was John Plaisted who was born on 7th April 1800.  John was their third son.  John is my childresn direct descendant.  The rest of the children, including those who died are:-

Thomas b. 9th March 1878, St George the Martyr, Southwark, London.  He died in December 1798.
Thomas b. 25th feb 1799, St George the Martyr, Southwark, London.  He died in June 1799
John b. 7 Apr 1800, Southwark, London.  he died on 4 May 1858 in East Melbourne, Australia.
Joseph b. Abt 1802, St George the Martyr, Southwark, London.  He died January  1803.
Lydia b. Abt 1803, St George the martyr, Southwark, London.  She died March 1805
Tabitha b. 25th Aug 1806 in Deptford, London.  She died Dec 1863, Camberwell District, London.
Elizabeth b. 7th Mar 1809 Deptford, London.  She died 7th March 1847, in Woolwich, London.
Thomas Wilkes Plaisted b. 21st July 1811, The Broadway, St Pauls, Deptford, London.  he died on 4th January1886 at his home 222 Burrage Road, London
Lydia b. 9th Feb 1814, Deptford, London.  She died 16th jan 1843, Woolwich, London.
Benjamin Ebenezer b. 31st Jan 1817, Deptford, London.  he died 14th Feburary 1825, Deptford, London

I will try and explain how and what happened to the families of these children.  Many went overseas.  Only John of the original children left Englands shores and that was due to ill health.  His story will be my next blog.

Arthur H Plaisted and his book "The Plaisteds of North Wilts"

Arthur H Plaisted was Vicar in England who decided to research  his family history, the book "The Plaisted of North Wilts" was published in 1939, way before computers and online research.  The book is a very good read, with lots of documentation in it about where our name came from, how it developed and where it was by 1939.  some of Arthurs conclusions are incorrect and are been ammended by researchers like myself.  In the book he welcomes future genealogists to correct and edit, and this is what I hope to help achieve with all the other Plaisted researchers the world over.

My name is Claire Plaisted, I would like people to join this blog and add or correct me with proof of things that I get wrong.  I will get pictures online as I can and I will try and update at least weekly on my findings.  I have a lot to add, thanks to connection from others.

The line I have been most interested in is from London to Australia and then on to New Zealand.  This is my childrens family line, which I have been investigating for about 10 yrs, and there are still new infomation been found. 

Arthur H Plaisted did get this line wrong, though right at what I call the beginning, I will share this in my next blog.