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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Those American Plaisted's of mine

George has a fastening amount of information that I have never seen before including many photos that I had not know existed. It is wonderful that he is sharing and helping me to connect to others from this American line.

Here are a few of the photos.

Thomas Wilkes Plaisted photo taken around 1882

This is either Louisa Baxter or Lettice Baxter, wives of the above Thomas Wilkes Plaisted. Lousia died whilst some of the children were quite young, Thomas married their Aunt Lettice.

Harry Plaisted.  He is one of the children of Thomas and Louisa Plaisted.  He went to America and naturalised in 1891 or there about with his wife Lucy Jeans and their children

Matilda Ball nee Plaisted is a sister of Harry.  She married Henry Ball who is said to have not been good enough for her. 

This is Maude Ball, daughter of the above Matilda, she married a very successful Swedish man where the line continues today.  I am not sure if she is the lady or the young girl.
These are a few of the photographs that George sent me, I also have stories that I will add later.  I am hoping that Christer Claus who is a descendant of Maude will tell be able to find out a bit more about the above photograph.  The other family bits and pieces will be added later.
On a final note.  Harry and Lucy had a son named Arthur K Plaisted the story from George is that he was in the American Mexican war (I think it was) and fell in love with a young lady and disappeared.  Well it seems that someone in the Philippines applied for this gentleman's war pension, so it looks like he has descendants somewhere out there of which I am still trying to establish.  I found a son who married.  Will let you all know how things go and if I find anything.

Friday, 24 August 2012

My American Plaisted Line

Finally I have got a contact for my Plaisted line in America, this one is seperate from those that arrived in the 1700s.

Thanks to leaving a message with a lady called Diane, who had contact with a cousin of hers from the Plaisted line.  This morning I got an email from George and WOW talk about blown away.  His has so much information, I am really looking forward to sharing research with him. Here is hoping that I can get scanned copies of info, documents and photos. I can then return the favour.  He sounds a lovely man who also has contact with another cousin from this Plaisted line.

Christer is another family researcher from another sibling who ended up in Sweden, so I am hoping to also connect these two gentleman as well.


Friday, 6 April 2012

Reunion Books 4 U: Now on Facebook too

Reunion Books 4 U: Now on Facebook too: Just a short note to let you all know that I have now got a page on Facebook for my Reunionbooks4u Business.  Please have a look and like th...

Saturday, 31 March 2012

General Harris Plaisted - The Civil War 1862


Thanks to Gladys Shink nee Plaisted for this article on General Harris Plaisted and the document or one of them about what he did during the Civil War.  I have only being able to post the link, so please have a look and a good look.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Australian Plaisteds

Well it has just gone 4.30am, so a short blog to say that I have more Australian contact, and it looks  like it is going to be very interesting.

Meet Mark.  This cousin has given me heaps of info, including a Will for Tabitha, who I never realised had gone to Australia, He also gav me Tabithas death cert and this stated that her dad Thomas was a Bootmaker.  So weird that.  He must of changed his job or built up enough revenue to buy the pub, I am sure we will findout one day.

Still trying to prove if our Thomas is Thomas John Plasted born in 1777 Shoreditch.  Never mind.  I am now hunting out the Will for Tabithas father to send to Mark and still waiting to see if I can get info about the Plaisted Winery.  Everyone is soooooooo  busy it takes a while.

Right im going again will update soon,


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Australian Line

Well, in a few short months I will be adding to this once again.  I have decided, due to new contacts from Australia that I am going to trace all of Thomas Plaisted b. 1777, Shoreditch.......Still confirming that.....children who went to Australia.

I will put in what I know and have confirmed, up date what I have recently been given, amazing what you find out.  There is a lot i dotn know still, after thinking that is was only John Plaisted.b.1800 and his family and two nieces who went over with him in 1850, it now seems that one nieces Eliza Lydia Ewer may of already been out there with her parents and maybe ended up back in London fo rher education.....all unproven of course.  I do know that one of Johns sisters (Tabitha) died in, just goes to show I need to dig more deeply sometimes, not that I mind ben wrong, I just love getting new data and correcting things or helping others to correct their lines.

Looking forward to one day updating the family book with the Australian & New Zealand lines.  If anyone else has any other Info, please let me know.

Hi also to Phil Plaisted, i noticed you are following my blog.  Where in the world are you?

Thanks for reading my blog