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Sunday, 16 October 2011

John Plaisted 1800 - 1858

John Plaisted was born in 1800 in Southwark, London.  he was the son of Thomas and Lydia Plaisted.

John was the son of a Publican, who ran the Coopers Arms at 120 high Street, Woolwich, London.  Like his siblings he grew up around the pub trade and by 1832 when his father died, he was left as a partner in the pub with is younger brother Thomas Wilkes Plaisted.  Their father died i think on 19th June 1832, leaving a Will to share out his monies and properties.

John married Anne Green on 13 August 1825 at St Mary's, London.  By the time of his fathers death, John and Ann had 3 children:-
Sally b. 20th June 1826, Newington, Surrey.
John F b. 3 September 1828, Newington, Surrey.
Thomas b. 1831, Dulwich, Surrey.

They had a further 5 children they were:-

Arthur b. July 1833, Newington, Surrey (My childrens line)
Walter Wilkes b. August 1836, Newington, Surrey
Hannah b. 1839, Camberwell, London, Surrey
Amos b. June 1841, Camberwell, London, Surrey.  He died Dec 1842, Bermondsey, London
Phillip Charles b.1st October 1844, Dulwich, London, Surrey (What a story this guy has)

As I said John and Thoams Wilkes had the partnership of the Coopers Arms, which was dissolved by mutal agreement in 1836.  By 1837, John was in charge of the King's Arms & Head, in Bermondsey.  He had also entered a new partnership with a John Vickers, this partnership was called Vickers & Plaisted Co, Wine Merchants, they were partners from 1836 until it was dissolved in 1848.  I presume this partnership was dissolved owing to John Plaisted's ill health.  He was advised by his doctor to find a warmer climate and he may live a bit longer. 

In Arthur H Plaisted's book it says that John retired to the country to Ford House in Newton Abbott, South Devon.  I have not been able to confirm this at all, their is no evidence as yet to be found.  The present owners or caretakers of this house say that there is no record of a Plaisted family ever been there.

On the 27th November 1849, John, Ann, her sister, two nieces of most of Johns children left Englands shores on the Rajah.  They landed in Adelaide on 11th April 1850 at Adelaide.  I know that Johns eldest daughter Sally married Samuel Hughes shortly after arriving in Adelaide.  Another line that I will follow later.

John stayed in South Australia for quite a while buying land in Willunga, which is quite surprisng considering his lack of knowledge in this area.  More research needs to be done for this part of his story, to see how he coped.  We no that he was not well off because John and his family ended up in Melbourne, Victoria, probably due to the Gold Rush.  Melbourne ended up as his adopted city and it was here he died in 1858 due to his Tuberculosis re surfacing.  His financials didnt improve in Melbourne either, however he did leave a Will that was probated in England by his brother Thomas Wilkes Plaisted.

Below is the marriage image for John Plaisted and Ann Green in 1825.
This image was found on

I have other images from Newspapers, Baptisms etc related to John  his family and partnerships, I also have his Will.  These I will keep for when I complie a book about this line  If you are a Plaisted Researcher and descendant of this line then please contact me.


  1. Hi. My name is Michael Kenneally and I live in Adelaide Australia. My family has an interest in the wine industry and recently purchased a vineyard in a famous wine district called Mclaren Vale. The property is still called Plaisted's Vineyard. As part of the research from a previous owner, we have a copy of a lease signed in 1860 transferring the operation of the vineyard to someone called Pavy. The lease is signed by Thomas Plaistead as executor of the will of the late John Plaistead of Melbourne.
    It is a beautiful property, on a hill overlooking the Vales. Now 50 acres, it is much smaller than the original. It has an impressive history, and for a long time was the operated by an iconic winemaking family, the Hardy family. More recently, it has supplied old vine grenache to one of the world's most recognised winemakers for one of his premium wines.
    Not much use to your genealogy, I know, but I hope you find this post of interest

  2. Dear Mike,
    Rotosis as asked me to comment for her as she is having trouble post on her own Blog. Rotosis would appreciate it if you let her contact you, as this information is very interesting for her. thankyou very much. Tina

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  4. Hi Michael

    I have had problems trying to comment on my own blog. Now it is working. I would be very grateful if you could contact me with any Plaisted History you may have that involves the Plaisted Vineyard that you now own. The lease interests me greatly and I would love a copy of that and any other items would would let me have.

    John Plaisted is my husbands direct ancestor and I am compiling a book on John and his descendants. I knew that John was first in Adeladie, and had bought land, though I have no details what so ever about this time.

    Thank you for your comment.


  5. Hi Claire

    The documents I have are quite interesting. They are copies of very old documents and some of the handwriting takes time to understand, but I have the original 1853 lease between John Plaisted Esq and three members of the Pavy family for the property called "Hornsey Farm" in McLaren Vale - I believe that this is part of the Plaisted holding. There is an amendment to that lease in 1856, signed by John Plaisted and witnessed by Arthur Plaisted. Then there is an assignment in 1861 by John Plaisted and Thomas Plaisted as executors of the will of John Plaisted. I also have copies of letters, one by John Plaisted junior relating to a dispute about the lease, and an interesting letter which appears to be written by John Plaisted senior, leaving the farm and the proceeds of a blacksmith's shop (presumably in Melbourne) to his wife.
    I will endeavour to copy the documents, although some are in a large old legal format and will not copy well. I also have a copy of an old newspaper with a public notice about the disbursement of the estate of John Plaisted. I have been looking at researching this a little further for our own purposes and would be happy to provide anything relevant
    All the best


  6. Claire
    Hi. My posts are also not working. this is my second attempt.
    I have copies of quite a few interesting documents, but some are in old legal format and will not copy well and some are hand written letters which are hard to decipher. I have to original 1853 lease of "Hornsey Farm" which I think is part of Plaisted, an 1856 amendment signed by John Plaisted and witnessed by Arthur Plaisted, an assignment of the lease in 1861 by Thomas and John Plaisted as executors of the will of John Plaisted Esq, and hand written letters, one by John junior about a dispute with the lease and one unsigned which seems to be a will of John senior leaving the farm and a blacksmith's shop (presumably in Melbourne) to his wife. Happy to provide everything to you. I am doing some further research for my own purposes and you are welcome to anything I find
    All the best


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  9. Hi Mike

    Not sure if you got my last comment, i gave you my email addy for anything you wouldlike to share. If you need any Plaisted info, please just let me know.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.


  10. claire

    Sorry but i have been travelling for work and unable to create the documents for you. I hope to be back home and in a position to respond before Christmas.

    kind regards


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    Thanks for the update, you keep safe on your travels and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.


  12. Hi - I am descended through Sally Plaisted. I enjoyed reading your entry.


  13. Hi Anne

    Glad you enjoyed the read, it is lovely to meet another family connection. If you have anything to add to the family tree then I would most welcome it. My email is I can send you a family report if youa re interested, it is continually updated as people find me and or my blogs.