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Saturday, 2 August 2014

George Doel Kither Plaisted b.1904

I actually thought I had posted about this gentleman.  It seems I haven't.

George Doel Kither Plaisted was born in Whangarei, New Zealand in to Ernest Philip William Plaisted and Emma Jane Harris.  He was their fourth son and it seems he was a bit of a scoundrel during his life time.

His eldest brother  Ernest Arthur died in world war one.  Richard William Plaisted is my husbands great grandfather.  He married at age 17 to Eileen Gladys Gillbanks.  He also tried to get into the army though being underage he was dismissed.

David Plaisted sadly died as a baby.

I'm not sure what happened with George, he was certainly a bit of a lad in his youth with many minor court cases in the local newspapers.  He was with Richard (who'd left his wife accusing her of infidelity) and two other friends when they decided to steal  a car, of course they were caught and fined.  George is also accused of smashing plate glass windows and causing disturbances.  

I'm not sure what year Gorge went to live in Sydney, it was around 1935 ish.  Even here he couldn't stay out of trouble.  Along with an associate he was accused of murder of an underworld figure.  They were both sent to trial and so far I've not been able to find the results of the trial.  I do have later reports in the 1940s and 50s of him been fined.

In 1931 George Doel Kither Plaisted married Carol Stella Cuthbertson, In New Zealand.  I have never manged to find any children of this marriage.  In fact she is never even mentioned in any of the news reports that George was involved in.  George Plaisted died in 1967 in Sydney, Australia.

Updating The Family History Book

Welcome to my blog for the Plaisted Family History.  

Depending on who you are and what you have researched; will help the Plaisted Family unite in a new and updated Family History Book which over the next year or two will be re formatted into a proper print edition that will be available online for sale.  Costs as yet unknown.  Proceeds from all sales will be put back into research (Possibly a charity in Arthur H Plaisted's name; who wrote the original book for us all.) so we can find those missing links, be they American, European, Australian , New Zealand or any other country for that matter. Considering how spread out the families are over the world it is going to be quite a challenge.

I will start with the original book.  It is hoped that the book will be turned into at least 4 books so you, the ancestor can buy the relevant one to your family line.

Of course like Arthur H Plaisted I will need assistance in the updates, the mysteries and the true connections which we all hope are out there somewhere just waiting to be found.  I would love you all to participate in this research, adding to the family trees so future generations can continue in years to come.

In the original book there are family trees which I am slowly turning into different trees on a computer program, hoping they will connect somewhere.  (Plaisted Genes are really strong)There are a few really good researcher out there.  Gladys and her daughter in the USA along with Dorothy, Trish and a few others.  In the Australisaian line we have three main researchers with others who have delved into minor lines.  There are two Plaisted lines in NZ and I also think at least two in Australia, with research been done on both.  I know I have missed people out, so lease forgive me as I am doing this from memory.

If you have information which you would like to be included either in the book  (if connection proven) or as an added story at the end then please contact me here on this blog.  I can also be contacted at "Are you a Plaisted" and "Plaisted Publishing House" Groups on Facebook.

I will keep everyone posted on each site.  At this stage it looks like I will be dealing with England and then those who migrated.  First Roger Plaisted who went to America.

If you would like to see history books on various individuals them I will consider it at a future date (unless you want to have a go yourself).  If you can do FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) to help make those connections (Men with Plaisted surname) then it would be much appreciated due to the fact my husband is the only one that I know of who has done so.

Thank you all very much for your support.

Claire Plaisted.