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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Arthur H Plaisted and his book "The Plaisteds of North Wilts"

Arthur H Plaisted was Vicar in England who decided to research  his family history, the book "The Plaisted of North Wilts" was published in 1939, way before computers and online research.  The book is a very good read, with lots of documentation in it about where our name came from, how it developed and where it was by 1939.  some of Arthurs conclusions are incorrect and are been ammended by researchers like myself.  In the book he welcomes future genealogists to correct and edit, and this is what I hope to help achieve with all the other Plaisted researchers the world over.

My name is Claire Plaisted, I would like people to join this blog and add or correct me with proof of things that I get wrong.  I will get pictures online as I can and I will try and update at least weekly on my findings.  I have a lot to add, thanks to connection from others.

The line I have been most interested in is from London to Australia and then on to New Zealand.  This is my childrens family line, which I have been investigating for about 10 yrs, and there are still new infomation been found. 

Arthur H Plaisted did get this line wrong, though right at what I call the beginning, I will share this in my next blog.




  1. Hi. My name is Michael Kenneally and I live in Adelaide Australia. My family has an interest in the wine industry and recently purchased a vineyard in a famous wine district called Mclaren Vale. The property is still called Plaisted's Vineyard. As part of the research from a previous owner, we have a copy of a lease signed in 1860 transferring the operation of the vineyard to someone called Pavy. The lease is signed by Thomas Plaistead as executor of the will of the late John Plaistead of Melbourne.
    It is a beautiful property, on a hill overlooking the Vales. Now 50 acres, it is much smaller than the original. It has an impressive history, and for a long time was the operated by an iconic winemaking family, the Hardy family. More recently, it has supplied old vine grenache to one of the world's most recognised winemakers for one of his premium wines.
    Not much use to your genealogy, I know, but I hope you find this post of interest