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Friday, 19 April 2013

Time for an Update

Hi folks

Not been doing much research for the Plaisted family recently.  Last lady I helped was Amy.  I charming young lady in the USA.  I hope that I managed to connect her with another researcher of her direct line. 

I would dearly like to  connect all the dots for the Plaisted line in Australia and bring it all up to date, there are so many different surnames and in so many different places too.  Those that are in Australia please give me a yell, it would be lovely to find some more details and cousins.

Now I would love to show you some photos of various Plaisteds from completely different lines that have no connect (YET) however the DNA is amazing - and shows to be very strong.

Just got to ask permission to use photos so keep an eye open for them soon.  I hope.

Let us get this American lines up and running too.  I have updated some family trees.  If you see anything that matches your line please let me know.  I will be putting them up soon too.  The trees I have updated are from the Book by Arthur H Plaisted.

Before I go to links from Anne  (Big Thanks)  about The Australian Plaisted line and also the Green line that married into it.   Tabitha Plaisted sister of John    Anne Green wife of John

Take care be back soon.  xx