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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Australian Line

Well, in a few short months I will be adding to this once again.  I have decided, due to new contacts from Australia that I am going to trace all of Thomas Plaisted b. 1777, Shoreditch.......Still confirming that.....children who went to Australia.

I will put in what I know and have confirmed, up date what I have recently been given, amazing what you find out.  There is a lot i dotn know still, after thinking that is was only John Plaisted.b.1800 and his family and two nieces who went over with him in 1850, it now seems that one nieces Eliza Lydia Ewer may of already been out there with her parents and maybe ended up back in London fo rher education.....all unproven of course.  I do know that one of Johns sisters (Tabitha) died in, just goes to show I need to dig more deeply sometimes, not that I mind ben wrong, I just love getting new data and correcting things or helping others to correct their lines.

Looking forward to one day updating the family book with the Australian & New Zealand lines.  If anyone else has any other Info, please let me know.

Hi also to Phil Plaisted, i noticed you are following my blog.  Where in the world are you?

Thanks for reading my blog


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