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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another DNA. Do you think they are sister?

Just had another two photos sent to me one of Lizzie Hamilton and the other of Margaret Ann Hamilton.  Margaret Ann married Walter Benjamin Plaisted.  Alan the researcher involved with this line is wanting to prove 100% that they are sister.
Lizzie stayed in Ireland and married Matthew.  Margaret Ann came to Australia.  Please tell me what you think


             Lizzie & Mathew                                                Mrs Plaisted


  1. They look alike but the severe hairstyle may be too significant. They are recognisably different people and so I think if no paperwork helps to establish the connection, I would contemplate DNA matching to see if that would help establish a linkage.
    best wishes

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for your comment. The researcher is 99% certain they are sisters from paper trails. They are just missing that elusive 1%. Though I am sure it will be found one day.

  3. Hi Claire,
    I presume the two ladies with the severe hairdos are supposed to be the sisters? I wouldn't give too much credence to any resemblance in these photos. Agree with Anne that as this is a very common hairstyle you'd need more substantial evidence.

  4. The researching is looking for the elusive 1%. They are 99% sure from documented evidence that they are sister. I think all that I needed is the confirmation of the mother and her maiden name. :-)